I AM Over Weight. Yes it sucks. You know you see all those UBER hot girls in their skinny jeans and those B-U-F-F boys in their tight shirts and you feel really bad about yourself. But let me say this: ALL IS NOT LOST!!!!!!!. YOU ARE STILL BEAUTIFUL! THE FIST STEP TO LOSING WEIGHT IS BELIEVING THAT YOU ARE PRECIOUS AND BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GUYS, YOU ARE AWESOME. One of the most important things that you need to do First, is 1) Be confident in yourself. Know that no matter what you are an awesome person and there are people (like me) who think you are the cats meow! He He.(That was silly, but i mean it.) 2) DON'T SELL YOURSELF SHORT. It breaks me to hear my friends tell me how they hate themselves because of how they look. How SELFISH is That? So, you're just gonna hold back on being cool and funny and AWESOME because some toothpick came up and told you you're ugly?!? Who was that chick, (that dude) anyway? YOU SHOULDN'T SELL YOUR SOUL ON WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAY OR THINK ABOUT YOU. They obviously don't like themselves too much if they feel the need to attack someone else. Finally 3)Commit. Submit. Repent. Committing is just that. You commit to making yourself, not skinnier, but healthier. Set goals and stick to them.Don't let yourself fall out. Your well being is more important than that Large Soda or just ONE MORE cookie. Submitting is what you do to help you stay committed. Find a confidant, a friend, family member, teacher someone you trust and see often. Asked them to help you out even staying healthy with you. That one person should be some one who will encourage you and call you out when you fall short. The last one, repent. Repenting means to simply turn away from something and never go back. Were you super lazy before? Well repent of it. There was a reason why my mom always called me a couch potato. Now if i find that I've spent more than a half hour at the TV or PS2 or XBox i go outside and play B-Ball with my bro. Did you have a serious sweet tooth. Now i have found that one cookie, one medium piece of cake/pie or one piece of my favorite candy is enough. Just think. If you eat it all now, there won't be any for tomorrow.
I'm gonna stop now but i hope that what i have said has helped someone. I'm not saying that this is easy or that I've got it all down, but what i am saying is that if you are spending your time fighting a battle to be beautiful, then in your mind, you have already lost. You were born the perfect size, it's your health that is most important. Your life. Is all that matters.

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