~ IM FAT ~

My name is connor, i have been really overweight since i was about 10, up until then i was quite slim( 6st 7lbs). I then developed a taste for fast food and by the time i was 12 i had hit 13st 7lbs (190lbs) and for my 5ft 1 frame i had a bmi of 35, even though i was wearing XL clothes i couldn't stop eating.

I was eating 2 large Big Mac meals a day, consuming over 4000 calories a day, so by the time i was 14 i weighed a massive 16st (224lbs). All of my family told me i was piling on weight but i carried on and got bigger and bigger.

I am now 16 and i weigh 19st 7lbs, i still wear XL clothes because i have got taller, 5ft 10, my bmi is 40, but luckily i dont get bullied because i have a really fat friend as well, he weighs 19st and we do contemplate dieting but it never works and we always end up eating mases of food.

In a way having him as my best friend, does make me bigger, because we work against each other, for example, we once went into MacDonalds and both ordered loads of food, and the cashier just gave us a funny look, and when we turned around he murmed, "wonder why their fat".

It does hold me back being this size but now i am willing to lose weight, all i hope is that i dont reach the 20st mark.

The worst thing about my weight is clothes shopping, the main story that stands out most in my mind, is when me and my mum went shopping for shirts for my uncles wedding, and she picked out a really nice shirt for me, it was a large size, and it fitted perfectly, but when i sat down, the buttons started straining and my huge 59inch belly popped out, it was so embarrasing but thats what i get for being greedy.

(didnt wanna put a pic of my face)
Any tips or you wanna talk email me or add me on msn at connorstead45@hotmail.co.uk!

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