~ ALICIA'S STORY!!!! ^__^; ~

My Name is Alicia and I am a 17 year old anime FANATIC who is really over weight. My friends tell me I don't look like I am. But when reality hits, I am.
I'm 17 and I weigh 240 pounds. I'm in the healthy Kids program here in Charleston WEST BY GOD VIRGINIA and I have such a great time when I meet with Dr.Jeffrey, Sue and Amy on wednesdays.

I blame my weight gain on inactivity and lazniness. When I was younger, I swam for ther HYCAT swim team and ran and did all kinds of sports and was active and busy almost everyday. I was about 180 pounds in 7th grade and I suddenly dropped 45 out of nowhere when I started running track. I was skinny and loving it.
Then, I was diagnosed with depression and I stopped doing everything I once was and the weight spiraled ouf of control. I was eating becasue I was bored or everyone else was doing it. About 7 months ago when I stepped on the scale for the first time in a long time, and I saw that I was 240 pounds, I couldn't believe it. I just couldn't.
I had to do something about it and I tried, but my emotional eating held me back. I lost 4 pounds here, and gained 4 there, and at the end of the 8 week program, I had only lost 7 pounds. I went home and cried that I was the only one in the program that failed miserably and didn't even come close to reaching a single goal.
About 3 weeks ago, I decided that I was through being a fat girl with a pretty face. I went back to Healthy kids and said
"I'm ready to lose this weight!"
I hope that by the end of this summer, I'll be at least 20 pounds smaller and by the end of the year, 40 pounds smaller and maybe, by the time may 14th rolls around, and Capital High School has it's graduation, I'll be 80 pounds smaller.
I hope that I can be the skinny [But Healthy!!] Girl I see Graduating on 2009![Go Cougars!!]

Thanks for reading and Watch more Anime!!! ^__^

Alicia-San. <3

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