I have been trying soo hard to move forward with everything that I deal with stress wise and just my life. Starting in about first grade I relized that some kids will put you down, I didnt know how to handle that so I ate away my emotions. Now all of that eatting has made me feel worse and almost 200 pounds at 12 years old. It also kept me away from finding out who I am and left me feeling like I went to school, came home and then slept and repeted it the next day. I am now ready to finaly change my life. Just this new year I have lost 10pounds! 2008 is hopefully my year to become a person. Plus thanks to my parents I have a great camera and Im into photogrphy. I have also been out of the house and out with friends more. I owe all of this to people that have been helpping me and now they have inspired me to help other kids with my problems, deppression, weight, teasing, ect. Yet even if I was felling better in January and some of February, I still have lots of days that Im down though. I feel like im so fat I will never loose weight. Everyday used to be like that for a while untill I found the Blubber Busters website. I now only have a few days like that. Thank you soo much Blubber Busters and everyone on the site that has helped me! : )

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