Ht. 5'8", Start: 227 lb, Current: 207 lb, Goal: 130 lb - oh my my gosh...oh my my gosh...oh my my gosh...oh my my gosh...ok the oh my my gosh... its over so this lady calls me today my parents weren't home so shes calling back at 9:00pm to night(my dad was at work & mama at the library with my bros) but anyway she asked me to if i wanted to be a model....was thinkin freak no but i said nicely no thinks she said she saw me some where and thought i was pretty(i was thinkin stocker) THEN she took it to far she offered me money do u kno the last time i had money of my own NEVER so i gave in and told her my mom would be home soon but she said 9:00 pm so yeah theres only like one million problems the top 5. 1 i have issues with my body 2 im depressed right now and it'll be hard to smile for the camera 3 im ugly!!!!!! and fat and gosh need i say more 4 i hate models preps and all happy things in gin 5 the top reason im not a model person i just really want tht 80 dollars im a wear black everyday fivein freak and also the coolest dork ya'll will every meet so yeah wat do ido say yes or no help pleaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ill put i a pic of me so u can see my ugly - there both me i lost 20 pounds - luv u ppls..........................taco luv

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