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Hello my name is (~(~(Jessica)~)~) im 12 years old i was very thin when i was in 4th grade but after i moved away from all my friendz i was very sad because i would have to move to a new school i wasn't very good at making friendz. When i went to my new school i didn't talk to no one an people thought i was wierd because i wouldn't talk to no one then i started making friendz and having xFUNx then i had to move again i was soo depressed so i started eating A LOT to make the pain go away. I always aked my cousins if i looked FAT they always said "no" but i knew they were just saying that to make me feel better. after that i told my grandma about it she helped me out an i started losing wieght and feeling better about myself.But then my grandma died and i had no one to talk to so started eating again i would make fun of bigger people to make me feel better and i started making a lot of friendz my life was going good until one day my boyfriend said he wanted to break up with me because i was too fat )=.After he said that i just ate more then i started cutting myself one day i forgot to put on my braclets and my aunt saw my cuts she didn't say anything to my mom but she told her she wanted me to stay with her for the summer. She talked to me about it and i started eating less and exercising everything was goin good until my other cousin came to live with her he always made me mad so i would just eat and eat then i started cutting again not only that i started doing drugs with my cousins they would give me pot,beer,cocaine i started staying out late going to parties an not going back to my auntie's house not eating at all for days i was getting light headed a lot. I wouldn't listen at all an i was sneaking out at night to go do drugs with my friendz then my other aunt came to visit and i started eating right again mostly because i was always with her daughter i just have a weakness for babies my family even started calling her my baby after that i started eating right stopped cutting and stopped doing drugs.

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