hello my name is jordan, im 12, i weigh 189 lbs, 5 feet tall, and i have a huge weight problem. obesity is normal in my family. my mom and dad are both overweight, and my grandparents are too. i am an only child and only have two cousins who are also very overweight like i am. my favorite foods are hamburgers, pizza, donuts, cookies, chocolate cake, ice cream, and a lot of other things. i really would like to lose weight but i am afraid of letting anybody know and i dont think that i would be able to stay on the diet because sometimes i sneak food at night and also whenever my parents arent at home because i feel like i always need to eat something. i usually eat because im bored, or feel worried about something like a test at school or something like that. i usually weigh myself about once a month or every couple of weeks and i always get heavier and fatter each time. i get made fun of sometimes at school by skinny kids and also by my friends every once in a while. almost all the kids in my school are either skinny or just a little bit fat and i am pretty sure that i am the fattest kid in my whole grade. anyway i will try to watch what i eat. if i can. and try to walk outside and stuff.

the picture on here that i put is from this summer when i went to the beach.

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