My name is Kyla and I am 16 yr old. I have always been overweight. I remember in 4 & 5 grade, I would go to the playground w/ my class and I would just sit on the swing the whole time because no one wanted to play w/ the "big" kid. Well now I am extremely overweight (249lbs), and I have to do something about it NOW! I now have asthma, and my health is just going to get worse if I do not do something. I have tried many different diets, but I have a lot of trouble sticking to them. I am illergic to beef and possibly pork, so I have decided to drastically change my eating habits to eating chicken, lots of fruits, lots of vegies, and drinking mostly water and just a little milk. I am tired of being made fun of and talked about behind my back. I want to look normal for once in my life! So in order to do this, I am going to need a lot of support...PLEASE!

16 years old
149.6 lbs

These are some pics of me this year in Honduras for a mission trip.

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