~ I TRY SO HARD....... ~

Hey peeps!!! My name is Melody and im currently 15 yo old 173 lbs. at 5'8. Before i was HUGE I was 15 yo old 206 lbs. at 5'8 but then i lost all the weight in about 3 months but, it was so hard lol. I felt so insecure about my body i wouldnt allow myself to dress pretty/confident a lot of the times i always wore baggy clothes!! Then one fine day while going to the mall my mom took a turn to Lifetime Fitness Gym and miracously we made a gym membership so ive lost a lot of weight from that lol and also eating EXTREMLY healthy!!! Anywayz, before my pant size was a 16/17 at 44 inch hips unbeliveable right???? And currently its a 9/10 (it maybe smaller i havent tried any other sizes lol) at 36 inch hips it's crazy how much i transformed in only 3 months right???? However, im not done yet im planning to lose another 33 pounds in about 11 more weeks!!! Do u think i can do it, i think i can lol!! If i reach my goal weight of 140 by exercising 3/4 times a week and eating a 1 whole grain toast bread and for lunch eat a 6 inch sub with turkey and lettece no mayo with water and for dinner chicken or salad........if it all pays off I WILL BE SO HAPPY!!! I will go shopping that exact same day lmao!!!! But hey it would be nice if yall would pray for me and ill pray for u b/c all wishes come try some day.........

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