Since I wrote to the my story place the last time I really lost alot more weight. Now I am about 210 or less dont know exactly from that 300+ in December of 2005. I have really been trying hard I am still chubby and I still have many risks but if i continue the way i am exersising and eating I should be at my goal of 160-180lbs in not time.Thank you Blubberbusters for helping me and if any one here would like some help and encouraging tips email me at sportykrista189@aol.com. I will always be ready to help someone. Wat I do is exersise every day and eat anything i want in reasonable portions but back on the junk food and just live your life. But really try your best everyone I wish everyeon luck Bye byez any way RoCkErZ rOcK I luv Adam Levine lol


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