me im 12 and im in 7th i have LOTs of friends i go to a public skool with LOTS of drama that means im in it all my friends are either from 90-100 pounds almost everyone i mean all the boi have 6 packs we all play lacrosse and its loots of fun! but i have to practice a lot just to be in shape i have to run aroung my 5 acre house everyday its hard! i wanna look like my friends we always go swimming at the country club and i wnna look good in a swimsuit all my friends telll me in skinny i know im not my legs touch soo much it gives me rashes and my stomach just keeps growing i tried not to eat and i lost some weight but then i became hungry all the time! so i stopped and then i got fatter! i just wanna look skinny like all my friends and be more confident i mean ive had some bf's in the past but i dont think they ever liked me i wanna look good me more confident maybe even have a bf i even wanna wnat to feel good about myself!

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