Have you ever had a dream? A wish? Well, I have. And it's called being healthy weight. Right now I weigh 137.5 lbs and I know I've got a long way to go. But, if you've got a plan, then you can do anything. My plan takes course over the next six months, from July to January 1st. I am planning to lose every pound, OPTION!or basically every pound I pretty much need to by January 2008. Now, maybe in your head you're thinking that plan is super- ambicious, but I'm going to do it...and you can bet by no later than the second or third week in January I will have posted my success story. I am weighing in every Monday and writing down my results. I'm not on a strict diet but I plan to monitor my eating and my eating habits. If you eat because you r bored, but not because your hungry, then maybe this plan might work for you. I plan to
1. Be able to fit into Abercrombie Kids
2. Be capable of being smaller and
3. Be capable of being O.K with my weight.
I wish eveyrone the best of luck...and look for my success story!! And I will deff. look for yours!! QUITTING IS NOT AN OPTION

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