hi my name is michelle.i am 5 9 and 11 years old and weigh 253 i am teribly overweight.when i watch tv i see all these skinny girls and i always wish i could be like them because they look pretty and they are so SKINNY.one day i looked at my self in the mirror and siad why am i this overweight.and then i siad to my self i need to stop this it can kill me I NEED TO STOP.right then and there i startedto lose a couple weight but i gained it right back with all the food that i love like chips,candy,soda . then i set a goal for me to to weigh 130 in 2 mounths and 1week, and 1 day DANG.that mean i have to lose 123 pound.but if u have any thing that will help for my nutrition and help me drop fast pounds off please DO SO.i just want to go shopping at regular girl stores, and not wair baggy clothing to cover my fat.one tim e one of the boys in my school sayed that there rumors going around that u will never have a boyfriend in less u lose weight.what he siad just crushed me inside.so all im asking u and god, is if u have any thing that will help me please contact me on my emial: michelle_akpaka@sbcgolbal.net.thank u and i wish u the best on what ever u want to achive. thanks for listening : )

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