hey every1, im 13, 6ft 1 in, and 250 lbs!! i know im huge! i look kinda slim cuse of my height but to me and my docters im obese!! im despertly trin 2 lose wieght by tring 2 lower my metabilisim but i just end up starvin myself and gainin more weight. i really need help because my extreme hunger makes me go to the kitchen and just eat till the hunger stops!! and i think that im ok but i know im not.i just recently discovered im a binge eater because my mom always tells me ill never lose weight just because a asked her for some pringles just once. she thinks my fat but a little thinner older sis would do betta then me cuse she never cheated her deit. i kinda feel like shes not behind me at all. but im doin this for me so i can look betta and feel betta. cuse i play b-ball and im tired of always workin 3 times as hard as everyone else just so i can be behind. ive been like this my whole my
life and this website is lettin me know im not alone and neither r u, im here!!!:) just ignore everyone against u and find one reason u want 2 stop ur bad ways and lose weight and let that lead u!! im still workin on it but im hopefully gettin betta.(everyone else is just hatin so do this cuse u want to!!!!) i wish every1 the best of luck!!!

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