I an 13 and i am 185lbs..I look so fat.What ever I where I look so bad in..So when I take pichers of myself I only take them of my face most of the time.It school I get called names like(fat,ugly,fat)..
I live in a house with 4 other kids and my older sister calls herself fat all the time and she is not.She makes my fell bad abot myself all the time.!!My other brothers and sisters are not big at all.I am so big I am the only big kid in my house..!!
I have friends but they are not fat they are so small but they are the best people ever but the only reson they are my friends are becase there moms hange with my mom,but they are the best and now they dont care what I look like.!!!
This summer I whant to lost 60lbs.Becase I want to look good at my 8th grade dance..!!!And also I whant to fell good about myself..!!!

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