When you try to eat less, how do you feel?


Happy or relieved:


Nervous, antsy, or restless:


Shaky, trembling, or faint:


Intense (bad) cravings:


Depressed or sad:


Short tempered, irritable:


Difficulty concentrating:


I have other feelings :

141 people have voted.

When you try to eat less, how do you feel?

I feel happy or relieved: 42 votes (30%)

I feel nervous, antsy, or restless: 21 votes (15%)

I feel shaky, trembling, or faint: 22 votes (16%)

I feel intense (bad) cravings: 64 votes (45%)

I feel depressed or sad: 29 votes (21%)

I feel short tempered, irritable, or angry: 42 votes (30%)

I have difficulty concentrating (school, homework): 36 votes (26%)

I feel other feelings, when I try to eat less: 43 votes (30%)


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