What do you think about emotional eating as the cause of overweight in children and teens?


Not the
cause of

cause of

cause of

Results, n=6865

6865 kids voted.

Emotional eating is not the cause - overweight kids simply love to eat, & have no time for exercise: 2212 votes (32%)

Emotional eating is sometimes the cause, but overweight is mainly due to a bad eating habit: 2361 votes (34%)

Emotional eating is the main cause, since food makes us feel happier, & a habit comes from how we feel: 2292 votes (33%)

Does talking about emotional eating offend you?

   YES: 3403 votes (50%)

    NO: 3462 votes (50%)

Do you think that you eat for emotional reasons?

   YES: 3364 votes (49%)

    NO: 3501 votes (51%)

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