The New Parents Chat Room
Please wait until the red area appears below.  It should appear in less than one minute!  Type your firstname.  Click "Connect".  Instructions are below.
If you have difficulties connecting, please click here for help.
 Chat Room Instructions
  • TIP: To surf the web while you wait for someone in the chat room, open two copies of your browser. Then you can wait in the chatroom on one copy while you surf on the other copy.
  • Click on to set or change your stored name and icon.
  • Once in the chatroom, to change your icon, like a bear, click on "SETTINGS". Scroll left or right on the pictures, click on the one you want. Then click "SAVE". Note: To permanently save your info and icon you must click on STORAGE AREA above.
  • Type your message in the lower box and then click "SEND".
  • To request a private chat with someone, just double click on that person's name in the list of names on the right side of the chat room. A little private chat room window will then come up in the left corner.
  • When someone else requests a private chat with you, a tan-highlighted message comes up in the main window, with "Single click on this message to reply". Just click on that message, and a private chat window will come up in the left corner.