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From Tk, Age 13

hey ok so i know what i need to do and i am trying my best to do it but seriously i cant stick to anything i get sooo discouraged and soo like thinking im never going to do i really want to be at under 200 or around there by middle of march if i dont get healthier i cnat go on my school trip to yosemite and i wont be able to do so much i need to start looking better i really do before i just wanted to look better but i went and saw my docter a couple of days ago and she told me my health is in real danger adn if i dont start losing weight i moight have to have an opperation and im so scared i dont want to and like i know how important it is to do this and become healthy and im sure alot of you know how it is to feel discouraged, i mean i was ok kinda but today when my friend came over she isnt fat but a lil heavier and she asked to try on my pants so i said ok but they are really big on me and she put them on and the fell right down and she had her pants under them and she started laughing at me and now i feel like everyone is laughing at me and im afraid to be around my friends i start hig school next year and i am so scared i will get made fun of i just liek need to some how keep this up but i just cant ive tried so many times but i cnat and i honestly do not know what to do , i cant shop in normall stores like pacsun or zumies or anything and i cant wear taktops and i feel uncomfertable in shorts im so limited on whta i can do and i hate it so much im sure people kinda know what i am talkign abo0ut but no one knows how much this hurts me in PE i dont do the normall requirments cause i cant and im not making this up like someelse thought i was last time i posted this is my real life and i need real help my name is taylor i weigh 247 my height is 5'4" my pant size is 20 and 22 my shirts are 2x or 3x and i guess thats all you guys need to know to maybe give me some help ok uhm please help me if you can just like i really need encouragement i guess and iono just i hope that no one has to be over weight or unhappy and i hope all of you reach you goals