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From anne, Age 17

i'm 155 still. grrr. i want to finally reach my goal instead of gaining! i've lost 30lbs before but i gained 10 back since summer but i know i can finally change my life. everytime i think of giving up lately i've been saying to myself- come on, you got into an ivy league school- you can do anything mentally. because weight loss is mental more than physical- it's why we succeed or fail. i know i can do it. i read in a book that it's important to detoxify your body so it's easier to burn fat once you clean out your system so i'm going to be eating a lot of detoxifying fruits and veggies over the next couple days(i will be eating a bit of meat too- like canned chicken and tuna that have less salt and so on in them). this morning i had a delicious mango for breakfast- i have to do my homework but after that i will be running up and down the stairs for 10 minutes and dancing and doing crunched and push ups for 20 then i'll clean my room which will also burn calories...or maybe i'll do that for my warm up. anyways- anything's possible if you tell yourself it is- good luck everyone and keep pushing yourselves!!!