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From Candace, Age 14

omg i am soo mad! i wanted to eat really healthy this week so that i could kinda enjoy the holidays a lil bit. so today i had breafast-hot chocolate, special k bar, lunch-lunchable(300 cals) with an orange, snack-special k bar, banana. dinner- little bit of chicken alfredo/piece of toast. i had a bball game too. omg so i did good! but THEN, i just went crazy, I hadl ike a bunch of peanutbutter, crackers, cereal, special k bar, cheese. I know its not bad stuff, buti had WAY too much, i am about to puke from it. omg i gained like 3 pounds from it i swear. then tomorow we are having a party so pizza/cake. omg! i am PISSED!