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From sarah, Age 16

hiya, i have lost 45lbs since august and im still going. i cant believe wot a difference in my life its made, im a different person now. i never though i wud b able 2 do it. i have been overweight for 10 years and its just been getting worse and i have been on every diet imagionable but the answer is so simple. something just needs to click in ur head, for me it was the realisation of how much more overwieght i was than evryone else and how unhappy it was making me. diets are no good, u just put the weight bak on wen u come off them, u just need to eat healthily and look after ur body. i joined a gym and try to go at least once a week. i also got a job ontop of skool which is tiring. i eat so much fresh fruit and veg and always make sure i have high fibre cereal in the morning. i dont eat alot of chocolate or candy or chips. dont stop urself eating anything but dont eat too much or too often. i have gone down 3 english dress sizes which i think is about 5 in usa. i never thought i wud be able to do this but i did it all alone and i feel so gud. trust me, if i can do it after 10 years anyone can! i have about another 10lbs to lose and i think i will be happy with my weight. i weighed 191lbs and now i weight 146lbs. im nearly at a healthy weight! reply or email me if u have any questions, my addy is sarah_seggy@hotmail.comgood luck!! xxxxxxx