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From clifford, Age 15

Ok I have had a really bad week so depends on how I do today I may not weigh myself tomorrow and just hope to get back to a decent weight for the following sunday. I heard that you should aim to walk 5000 steps a day so if you have a pedometer that is a great way to see how many step you get in a day that is about 5 miles roughly. You may not even notice that you walk 5000 steps a day but the thing is you do. What I like to do is I like to do do 100 crunches maybe 2-3 times A day. Do about 10 push-ups 2-3 times a day. You also have to stretch that is the most important because when you stretch it lenghthens your muscle groups and make you leaner and more fit. If you have the money I reccomend to go out and get taebo and maybe an excercise ball and a yoga mat. You could also get some free weights that will increase the intensity of your workout and help you burn morn calories. Now on to the eating. You should be rinking water as much as you can not only does it cleans out your pores but it cleans out your digestive system and makes you loose weight quicker. If you eat a lot of fiber it will help you go poop and it helps clear out your body for a fresh new you. So if you want to start over for the new year make today the day you want to clean out your body of all the junk and take a nice refreshing bath and drink plenty of water and eat some fiber and you will be set to begin your siet today and you will loose the weight you want and be healthy and be popular. Well Good luck you can email me at or IM me on aim at SwEeTcHeEkS93088. Well good luck again and if you want to join the weight loss contest post you weight here ad tomorrow you should the contest because we weigh on sunday to see how much everyone has lost.