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From Kelsi, Age 12

Listen to me now. Ok, if you are having trouble losing weight, do this. My dad cut back on his sugar for 2 weeks, no more then 10 grams, and in 2 weeks, he lost 25 pounds. I am doing the same, and in one day (with exercise) i lost 3-4 pounds. I know it sounds hard to believe, but it is true. Also cut back on your breads. Those have lots of carbohydrates and things. ----I am on my first day with no sugar, and I feel so sick and tired, but my dad says that is normal, and that will happen because your body is so used to eating lots of sugar that it just kind of freezes. *~*~*~ I really hope this works for you who are having trouble with weight loss. Please if you have a ?'s, you can reach me at: (Screen name 4 AOL) ArtisticCutie88 (E-mail)