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From Melanie, Age 13

Hey! How can I do it??? When school starts again I am going to be so busy!!!!!I will have h-work,studying (sometimes), practices in Gander and at church, and I have to fit friends in and exerciseing!!!!!! I don't know how I will do it!!!!! Mon, Tues, Wed, Thrus I have practices after supper, and I have to get my h-work done. I have to fit in friends........I have a social life. And I have to workout. What can I do????? How can i fit it in????? While I'm here I will tell you my plan. Ok, here it is: Exercise.....100 crunchs,20-40 leg lifts, 15-30 push-ups everyday. A cardio or pilates work-out, 3-5 times a week and streching. FOOD: Break-fast...cereal or yogurt and a piece of fruit, Lunch...a sandwish (milk) or a salade (water) and a piece of fruit, Supper...whatever my mom cooks (small portions) and water, Snack...bottle of water or fruit. Friday is my treat day, I have a few chips or cheezies.