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From Veronica, Age 17

Today: 180 lb - Hey Everyone! Just wanted to update you all on my weight loss. So far everything is going great =)... except Christmas and Thanksgiving (which I didn't pig out on I just ate some things that weren't low carb). Anyways I'm at my 20lbs weight loss point (Yaaayyy!!) and I look a lot more attractive now than I did before I lost the weight, thank God I lost my chubby face and neck first LOL... whoo hoo, I actually look 17 now! I'm only at 180 and won't make my goal of being at 175 by January but that's okay because I have gained muscles as a result of my weight training. I now fit wonderfully in my bridesmaid's dress, which is a relief. LOL I have bought for my reward two outfits to wear while we are out of town that compliments my new figure and makes me look as if I have the perfect hourglass shape. =D You guys I'm soooo happy, I have gotten discouraged so many times during my weight loss endeavor but the work and effort has paid off tremendously! I never thought in a million years that weight loss would come to me, but it is and it feels wonderful to be a size I haven't been in ages. I still have a long, long way to go 'til I have the body I've always wanted but for the moment I'll settle for this. LOL Continue, as always, to do your best and push yourself to reach your goals, whatever you want will come to you if you work hard enough, believe me! Okay that's all, I had to tell someone! LOL Keep on keeping on! -V.