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From every1 who replied to my, Age 14

alrighty thanks anne for clearing that up! yeah im a vegetarian, so i can eat eggs strawberry, vegans dont eat eggs. anyone know why i started? it all started on a sunday afternoon i was at my computer searching sites when all of a sudden this pop up came and said DO YOU KNOW HOW CHICKEN NUGGETS ARE MADE and i ckicked on it. I saw the most horrible pictures. so basically it was my emotion that made me vegetarian.i guess thaats what keeping me vegetarian. BUT FOR EVERYONE WHO IS THINKING OF BECOMING A VEGETARIAN GET THIS- you are going to have to answer a lot of questions. PLus there are ignorant people who say stuff like this, "hey you do eat meat because it was living, but isn't eating plants killing them to?" you just have to deal with it. for answer from some of these annoying ignorant questions go to