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From Linda, Age 16

I guess it all started in 8th grade. That's when I started to have weight issues. I was sick of being called 'fat girl' and teased about being a tad overweight. So I decided to do something about it. I firstjust stopped eating meat and I lost 7 pounds in a month, but that wasn't enough for me. By then I was 5'3, 135, I started studying anorexia all over the internet. I felt like I had to limit my food intake. So I stopped eating anything fatty. I would only take in fresh fruits and cooked vegetables. I also started running so I could burn off all the calories that I would eat. I was then down to 126 pounds. I kept cutting my meals smaller and smaller and I would exercise like crazy. Running 6 miles a day and then coming home and doing 400 situps. It still wasn't enough. I refused to eat more than 150 calories a day. I was obsessed. I was 111 by then but everyone was giving me compliments about how great I looked, and that made me strive to become even more skinner. I found a Anorexia Club online(sick, I know) and I got tips from that on how to get smaller. I kept going down hill from there. I was then 101 pounds. I looked sickly, but for some reason when I looked in the mirror I could only picture the fat girl that I once was. Food and exercise were consuming my every thought. I was hospitalized twice. I'm alot better now, I am weighed in at 113! But anorexia still rules my life, and most likely always will. Thank you for reading my story, I hope that it helps someone!