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From Mar, Age 14

Hi i have just realized somthing thatll change alot..snakcking is my problem!I mena, i eat 2-3 super healthy meals a day, and each night when i think back to all the extra crap i ate...its ALL snacks!!! GAK~!~ puleaze help lol ive never realiesed this before, and like, for example,. today after school as a snakc i had a burger kind veggie burger combo.....which in cludes a huge drink, veggie burger(healthy) and onion rings! is dancing 5 hours a week enough cardio exercise? I also do this thingy its suposed to do cardio but i dunno its weird its clalled "Gazelle"...anyone have one? anywyas its just like swinging back and forth and if i go reallllyyyy fast i break into the tiniest sweat...will i sttill loose weight if i do that for 220 minutes liek 5 times a week?...even if i dont sweat??please reply, im desprite here!