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From melissa, Age 13

Hey ppl, ok i know that some of you ppl are unsatisfied with your weight. well thats ok because it doesnt only happen to you theres lots of other people that are very unhappy of there weight. but if your just going to sit there and brag about it your not going any where. your going to have to do something about. And i have it for you. Just make this as your daily routine like you know how you have to eat every day unless you feel like your going to die well, its the same as this. For breakfast: get a blender mix all kinds of fruits like apples strawberries, bananas, and others u like. Drink for a shake and bagel with not to much butter or creamcheese in it.For lunch: Have a bottle of water with some salad. Dinner: Dont eat anything with grease in it like chicken. eat any kind of seafood with rice or maccoronie. after you eat dinner sit down relaxe for about an half of an hour and then tell your parents you want to go out for a jog. starting going around your block on the first day. then second day go around 2 times then third day go around 3 times and then youll have a limit. then your body will get use to it and itll be as a daily routine. thank you for reading my post if you have any questions. just email me at thank you i hope you lose weight you