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From Claire, Age 16

Today: 176 lb - Hey everyone. I am 176lbs! ahhhhhhhhh (thats aound 12 stone, 4 lbs) and that is very very heavy. B4 christmas, i started a weight loss plan and lost 14lbs, ut then christmas came, and boy i couldnt resist, and it all went out the window. I couldnt be bothered after thena nd a lot of heavy family issues came up and i really didnt have time for focusin on my weight. But this week i am startin for real and properly again. and i mean it!!I am gonna do wot i did b4 christmas, cut every single peice of junk food rap i eat inbetween meals, and just have 3 square meals. Also get back to running 3 times a week, and a little exercise plan. It really does work.I do plenty of exercise as it is as i dance professionally 3 timesa week so itz really the eatin i need 2 focus on.My mum sed if i can lose a good bit of weight by summer i can get my belly button peirced woohoooo!!!i will keep u lot posted. wish me luck!!!!