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From Marissa, Age 16

Start: 196 lb, Today: 132 lb - hi every body, i have tips for all of you people! i used to be 196 pounds, and now i weigh 132 pounds, it has taken me 1 year to lose this weight, and i will tell you guys how i did it. b1. EAT FOODS THAT CONTAIN CARBS, BUT ONLY GOOD CARBS, SUCH AS THOSE FOUND IN FRUITS AND VEGGIES.br2. EAT SMALL PORTIANS OF MEAT AND FISH A 3.CUT DOWN ON SUGAR!(DONT COMPLETELY PUT IT OUT OF YOUR REACH!)br 4. DIETS THAT CONTAIN MEDIUM PORTIONS OF GRAINS, SUCH AS WHEAT BREAD AND BROWN RICE, IMPROVE YOUR WEIGHT 5.EAT LOTS AND LOTS OF FRUITS AND VEGITABLES! THEY ARE SOOOOO GOOD FOR YOU! i hope this has helped some of you!