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From Michelle, Age 15

I hope all of you have had a Merry Christmas, and Kwanza, but I also suppose you probably ate a little too much.I don't know about you, but my mom makes tons of food. I was lucky this year though, I ate next to my 11 year old cousin who didn't cover his mouth when he coughed, so I didn't eat much, and needless to say, didn't have much of an appetite! Well, tomorrow, you will probably be feeling guilty, and to tell you the truth, there is really no reason to eat all that much, although I know that left overs can be so tempting! So, here is a little program that will help you to get back on track with you weightloss! When you wake up in the morning do 20 jumping jacks and stretch out. If you don't know things like ham string stretches, there are plenty of links on Then, go ahead and eat breakfast. I like to eat left overs, so I recommend eating any fruits or vegetables that were left behind. NO COOKIES OR CHOCOLATE! If not, have 2 pieces of toast and some milk. Then, inbetween breakfast and lunch, if you watch t.v., get up and sprint in place during the commercials. If you're waiting in some place, practice balance by standing on one leg at a time. Before lunch do 5 sets of 20 jumping jacks, or jump up and down (like jumproping) for 2 minutes a time for 5 times, (you can also cut this down into 1 minute intervals). Then, in the afternoon, if you have a regular exercise program, feel free to do that. If you don't, then follow this: walk in place for 30 seconds, run in place for 1 minutes, walk for 30 seconds, do 30 jumping jacks, do 10 crunches, walk for 1 minutes, run in place for 2 minutes, walk in place for 1 minutes. Repeat 4 times. Then stretch out for 5 minutes. You should do this to some upbeat music, it helps. Remember, eat in moderation, you shouldn't take seconds, and go light on breads and meats, and eat a ton of veggies! Drink as much water as you can (but make sure there is a bathroon available for the next 12 hours!) Have fun. You and only you will make the difference, but I know you can do it!