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From Sarah, Age 13

I feel so sad right now. I'm 13 and i'm about 5 foot 5. I've always thought that the scale at our house is a little messed up, so i'd always figure i was always 5 pounds heavier. Well last week i stepped on our scale and the little needle stopped on 150, so i was like, ok i weigh 155 pounds. Not bad. But today, oh my god. We were at my brother's house for a bbq. I went to the bathroom before we ate and there was a scale, so i was like, ok let's see what my true weight is. So i stepped on it. The little needle stopped on top of 175. I weigh 20 pounds more than i thought i did. Is that overweight? I'm not sure. I'm like sad. I'll get over it but 20 pounds. I was happy at 155, but now i know that i REALLY weigh 175 pounds. Geeze. Am i too heavy though? PLEASE HELP!!!