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From tru, Age 14

i started a diet on the 25 and i lost 5lbs since i still have about 20 lbs to go.I stayed active like even if i was watching tv i would kick my legs in and out and i worked out some i did a few situps and pushups and i jumped in one spot over and over.Im starting a new diet today,im gonna replace breakfast with 2fruitsandV8or water,lunch-2fruits half a sandwich and a glass of water,dinner-whatever your mom cooks just cut it in half,if she doesnt cook and u cant stay away from white stuff like bread and stay away from fried stuff butter grease candy and cokes No cake.It seems like thats not alot of your food but if you get hungry dont eat drink water (thats if your try this diet)ok 150lbs right now i will tell update you all in 5 days.If u start this same diet and u need help just reply.