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From TeenGuy, Age 15

I know this will be deleted but maybe some will see it. How come you all have to lose weight? Im 15, 5'9" and 300 pounds and im happy. Sure im not the healthiest but this site really does need to teach kids they need to feel good about themselves. All this site really says is if you are overwheight you need to lose weight, wich could be taken many ways. Please try to promote size accpetance, this site promotes bullies, it does not really help! And some of these posts are not good! I only read a few but one said to stop eating all carbs...that is not healthy! To be healthy one must eat a balanced diet that consists of all foods. Please do not delete this post, that will only prove my points. Being overwheight can lead to suicide or unhealthy habbits, many forming from depression because one is fat. And all this site seems to say is that they are right, the person is really fat and needs to lose weight, wheres the size acceptance?