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From Jamie, Age 13

Hi my name is Jamie,I am 5'2", I weigh 140 lbs. Even though im not too overweight, it has given me knee problems that have lead to lower back problems. So I would like to lose 15 to 30 lbs. I walk home from school every afternoon (20 miles a week) After about a month im going to walk to school and walk home from school (40 miles a week)then after another month i want to start walking 56 miles a week (or in other words 8 miles a day). When i want soda i always drink diet. we never eat fast food. i drink 2 glasses of milk for breakfast, eat a chicken salad sandwich and a cup of jello and a bottle of water, and for dinner have half of what everything everyone else has for dinner with water. If you have any tips or questions or anything please reply.The reason i am starting out only walking home is because then ill have to force myself to walk home cuz my parents wont pick me up but they will drop me of in the morning. Please reply:)