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From Sarah, Age 13

Hey everyone...I havent exactly lost weight yet but im starting..when i was younger i was always skinny....when i moved to america i began to gain weight but i still was 7th grade i became chunky..very chunky...i never thought i was chunky until i saw photos of me ....especially when i saw photos with me and my best best friend has the perfect figure and im really jealous...In 8th grade i lost a lotta mom tells me because of my period...but now im gaing weight again..i weigh 126 and my goal weight is 117....Ive been trying everything but nuthing seems to be working..i exercise a lot..i walk about 3 miles a day.....Nuthing is working for me i need gonna not eat for 2 weeks and see hat just going to eat ice and drink water...if i eva get starving ill prob eat an apple or something..ill keep u all updated to see if it will work....hopefully it is..i start high school next year and we have to go in a bathing suit...i really dont want 2..if im not my goal wieght iill hate high school!