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From christina, Age 13

thanks for all the advice but about the pimples/...i already tried proactive and oxy theyre not strong enough...i go to a dermototlogist and i take 2 pills in the morning 2 pills at night and a cleanser to wash my face with and morning and night creme..ive been forgeting to use it but ill start using it now..ive only had 3 kisses my whole life (dares) in grade 1 we were playing around and they dared me and sum guy in grade 2 begged me so i did it and then in grade 5 going to 6 we played dare and i kissed this ugly guy..but these kisses are nothing they werent real. Im starting to eat less and you know how they say to drink lots of water? i got this crystal light stuff with less then 5 calories a cup..someone said you can drink that instead of water is that true?