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From Chaz, Age 13

This is not about me. I am overweight too, but one of my friends, Shane, is overweight. He is 160 lbs, but he seems to be proud that he is overwieght. He will shake his stomach around and jiggle it, and show off that he is overwieght. He once scoffed down a whole cake, 3 pizza's, and 5 shakes, when we were hanging out. It kind of imbarresses me when he shows of his large stomach. He has been put on a diet many times, but when at lunch, he gets everyones left over's, which is like 6 sanwiches. He eats them all! It just discourages me when he shows off by pulling his stomach out and showing it to everyone. I am sorry if I offended anyone who reads this, but I needed to let out my feelings about Shane.