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From Sam, Age 16

hey everyone, ok I'm 5'3 145lbs I'm very athletic and I run 4 miles aday. I don't eat meat, any candy with fat in it, chocolate, and I don't drink pop or any carbonated drinks. I have lost 30-40lbs I have changed my life style greatly...... but I still want to lose weightand so far so good. my weight caused me to be very depressed and eventually I had to start taking medication for depression. the biggest advice I can give to someone who has a depression problem or thinks they might have needs to get help. Trust me its hard to ask for help but even harder to deal with by urself.but I hope that my story can help give teens support and just proof that losing weight isn't impossible. for all of u who may suffer from depression get help before its too late......I thought it might be too late for me, but thankfully I did get help and now I feel 100% better. I know that I this is a personal belief but honestly the biggest help to me was god. I prayed everyday for him to help me and I still do to this day. I strongly believe that I am doing much better because of him.if u would like to talk to me about God or prayer, depression, being over weight, or ADD (which I also suffer from) write to me and I will answer ur questions. Good luck to all of u!! I'll keep u guys in my prayers. God Bless