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From Allisa, Age 12

ok, here is my diet plan. i have givin these before, and i asked for peope to reply if they help or if they like them. but do they? nooooo. guys this works. it really does. and when u don't reply to them i think non of u guys care about loseing weight. and then i don't write them. so if u don't wanna lose weight, dont' reply. k here it is. fill your house with healhty veggie and fruits, and some non fat stuff. no sweets, and yes u can live with out sweets i do it all the time. cut back on snacks, instead chew some gum. try to keep yourself busy so your mind is off food. don't eat and watch tv at the same time. it is a proven fact that u eat more while watching tv. try to take the long way home from school if u walk to school. excersize some more. like sledding or biking or whatever, as long as your body is moving. this REALLY does help. i do some of this and i am not over weight. if i did any more i would be loseing weight so fast. all of my friends lost pounds on these. one of them really stuck to it and lose all she really needed in a week or 2. so try it out.