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From Nicole, Age 13

Hey i'm Nicole i'm about 113 pounds and only about 5 1... i need help losing weight.. i mean just a week ago i was with my family opening gifts for my birthday and my aunt got me an XXL (for a shirt) it was actually size 16 in kids from the gap... and i have like a big chest so like i can kinda understand... but when i saw it i was like omgosh am i actually like really fat? and how does the world veiw me now? and my dad was like "youre growing and youre not skinny.. you have to realize that!" and i went upstairs crying... like i knew i was getting heavy bak in october and i fixed it by going on the soccer team but now i have nothing to do.. i take jazz and hip hop classes but it isnt the same work-out... i just need some tips on dieting and some encouragement.. becuz with the holidays i gained a decent amount of weight and just yesterday i started going on the treadmill (a mile each day) and im doing sit-ups but i just need a good diet so i can start off the new year healthy becuz lately i've been pigging out... thx a bunch! mwahh ~*~have a happy and healthy new year~*~ -Nicole-