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From Zandrea, Age 15

I havent been at this site for awhile and I just kinda wanna talk about how I've been doing lately, cause I realize that Im perhaps not the only one in my situation, that has had my problem. Before I used to go on the scale and (im 5'7 by the way) and see 140 pounds and totally disgust with myself for days/weeks, and hate it, until I finally realized that after playing sports for a long time I'm muscular and I do not really look what the scale says at all. I was so convinced that the scale SAID 140 that I must look fat-so I actually began SEEING myself fatter than I am. Its taken forever, and I've still worked on toning, and people who have told me Im pretty-guy who do like me and that has raised my confidence and self esteem even higher and food was no longer necassary to snack on because the compliments are worth millions more than food. I do feel good about myself now-I know Im not ugly, and before anyone can lose weight, you MUST feel good about yourself in some way, or it will never work. and the lesson I learned, is scales DO lie. I no longer go onthe scale, if I look awesome in the mirror and I feel pretty I dont need to know what I weigh. I've even gotten to be able to join dance, and cheerleading, dreams of mine I thought I'd lost. I still feel weird when I see stick girls walking around, but then i realize, well I have things they dont have, a figure, and im not flat. It is possible and with self confidence and esteem you CAN do anything, good luck!!!!!!