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From Cloey, Age 14

Why can't you lose weight???? It's easy... just exercise. Eat 3 meals a day even scacks but do physical activity, like, all day. I practice dance, like 12 hours a day, then sleep, and I still eat 3 BIG meals a day with snacks. All you have to do is exercise A LOT. And when you can't do that like on trips do crunches and pushups and situps while you watch TV. Or run around in circles(just dont get dizzy) on commercials. Get a little trampoline and jump while you watch TV. Jump rope while you watch TV. Do some kind of physical activity ALL of the time instead of just sitting there. At school while your sitting in your desk do some little kicks or shuffle your feet around. In gym class participate and run around and do stuff like the other kids. If you get hungry drink water or chew gum. Eat fruits as snacks, but you can still have junk food... just not as much as usual. No I'm not overweight but im giving this advice because it helped my friend lose 150 pounds in a little less than a year.