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From gemma, Age 16

I think i have some kind of eating/body image disorder but i'm not sure what. I really hate everything about myself and sometimes i just want to die. I'm not really really overweight but to me it feels like i am, i'm 5ft 4 and weigh 148lbs and i hate it, i don't think i look that heavy cause my friends say i'm not fat. I'm obsessed with what i'm eating all the time and i hate eating but i know that i have to eat, i have tried throwing up but i couldn't and anyway i know it's really bad for you. i'm constantly thinking about how fat i am and it makesd my life hell i'm so depressed and i don't know what to do i really want to lose weight but i can't. I eat all the right stuff because i hate chocolate sweets and crisps and practically live on fruit and veg because i like them so much! i also go to the gym but i still don't lose weight.