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From Christina, Age 15

This is for anyone looking to lose weight: i have since gone on a diet and i am losing slowly but surely, in two weeks i have lost 7 pounds. that may not seem like a lot but it is to me. the thing is for anyone out there that is trying to lose weight the first thing is not to look at the scale. that may seem like something crazy but it is true. i may have only lost like 7lbs but i can tell my clothes are getting a little bigger and i can tell that with just 7lbs! Another thing is u may think that u aren't doing well if u look at the scale and then may give up, that is one of the worst things to do b/c u may of gained muscle and are actually skinnier. My number 1 tip is DON'T BELIEVE WHAT THE SCALE SAYS! lol If anyone needs anymore advice on getting started email me at and put blubber buster in the subject so i don't delete it Thank You!