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From candy, Age 13

breakfast: half a slice of bread+ an apple
snack: half a slice of bread and any type of fruit but banana...its loaded with calories.
lunch: 1 slice of bread with pure tuna filling(no mayo)
dinner: quarter bowl white rice, boiled veggies and non oily soup.
people...try tis out,, it works I AM NOT KIDDING.... IT GIVES YOU ENOUGH ENERGY. BUT DOESNT PUT MUCH FAT IN YOU. i lost 6.6 pounds using this a matter of 1 week. and i managed to indulge in chocolates and stuff.... what to eat and what not to:
NO BANANAS..loaded with calories.
No durians...its also fatty
no oreos..i noe its tempting.
no milk....4 % of it is fats
just follow my diet. you can subsitued rice for maybe, three slices of bread?