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From Bekki, Age 13

Hi guys, I am 5'3 and get this, I weigh 210 pounds. when I was about 11 I was really skinny but then my dad died and I ate loads coz I was depressed. If i've had a bad day at school I come home and eat whatever there is. My mom is overweight too so she always has loads of junk which I just can't resist. Whenever my gran sees me she says "My haven't you put on weight, Bekki. You are starting to look like you mom!" There was this boy I really liked and I tried to ask him out but he just said "Date someone your own size, Bekki!" I can't fit into any of my clothes and I don't do sports any more, because its sooooo embarrasing when my fat wobbles all over the place. I have to get my school uniform specially made!!! Has anyone got any ideas? I just think its impossible for someone as fat as me to lose weight and ever look nice again