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From Andrew, Age 19

I dont know what it's like to be overweight, but I do know what it's like to feel berated and insulted for other similarly irrelevant reasons... but for you people who think that being 100 pounds is overweight, I hold a great deal of pity for you... I have a couple of lady friends who are between 17 and 18, both are 5 foot 4 and are probably around 120-130 pounds... and they are beautiful, healthy young ladies, I have no idea how one could percieve otherwise... *sigh* Everyone has immense beauty to them, one has to realize this, or you will never be happy... For those here who do have weight issues, I applaud your strength and perseverence and wish you well, as I have a father who at 46 is just starting to confront his (he had to have a heart attack before it hit him...)Until the next...-AndrewICQ: 54401591Email: